Modern Wire Mesh Residential Anti Climb Security Fence


Fortify home security with Karib Industri’s HiSAC® Crest Fencing that is aimed at strengthening security fences for residential neighborhoods without compromising on aesthetics. Made up of welded mesh panels with rectangular fence openings and integrated ‘V’ shaped between sections of poles, our Crest Fence offers both high stability and artistic appeal. Made in 3000mm wide panels, these fences are the best cost efficient security fences without compromising on quality.

The HiSAC® Crest Fencing is very versatile, from municipal buildings to flats, and from industry to parks. These mesh panels act as great residential anti climb fences by inhibiting intruders through the 30mm vertical barbs fitted in them that can be further enhanced through razor barbed wire tapes with security fence gates. They also come in a selection of colors including Green, White, and Black – providing you a style to perfectly match with any architectural style.

Put your trust in Karib Industri’s residential modern wire mesh fences that doesn’t compromise on functionality, durability, and aesthetics. Contact us and raise the bar of your security with our crest fencing today.

HiSAC® Crest Fencing

Description Of Fence

Welded mesh in panels with rectangular apertures with square or circular posts.

The high rigidity and aesthetic feature is created by the integral horizontal ‘V’ crest.

Manufactured in 3000mm wide panels to give maximum economy value.


5mm x 50mm x 200mm


Galvanized wires and powder coating with combined thickness of minimum 120 microns

Hot dip galvanized coating is also available.


Public Buildings, factories and warehouses, parks, airports, highways, residential areas.


The fence panels comes in height ranging from 1030mm to 2430mm with panel width of 3000mm.

The panels have vertical 30mm barbs on one side and flush cut on the other side. The 30mm barbs, placed on top, can act as additional deterrence to intruders.


Green, Grey, White, Black. Others colours upon request.

HiSAC® 3D (50mm x 200mm)

HiSAC® 3M (50mm x 100mm)